Content Warnings

From this point forward, I will, to the best of my ability, link all of the media mentioned to Does the Dog Die for content warnings. I'm using their site because it's already popular, includes a wide range of media and accounts for sixty or so triggers. Adding whatever media I consume to their database will also benefit more people since it's been covered by blogs and news sites. If there are any content warnings that I feel really should be mentioned and aren't covered by their site, then I'll mention it.

For those that don't understand why I would bother, the TLDR is kindness, compassion, and consideration for other people. The longer answer is that people should be able to opt-in to the sort of entertainment they consume. If they feel something would be upsetting or dangerous to them, then I trust them to make that choice for themselves, but they can't make it if the information isn't provided in the first place. Ideally, publishers would just include this information somewhere on their products, but they don't. So this is what's gotta happen.