Trance (2016)

I Liked It

Memories are warm. Memories are hot. Just like McAvoy’s eyes.

While the ending left me feeling lukewarm, Trance is oh-so-interesting and has the stylish flair that I’ve come to expect from Danny Boyle. For those reasons alone, it ranks far above the drek that came out in its year.

Painted like an islander’s wet dream, Trance dips its toe into trippy visuals, especially when exploring its primary subject: memory. The nature of memory is given a thrilling treatment, its delicacy used as the basis for a heist, but that very nature brings confusion to the story-telling. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll get lost. Hell, if you’re not familiar with capers of its kind, then you might get lost even if you are paying attention because Trance is, “mm, gotcha!” twisty to the point of being superfluous.